Going to California and don't know what to pack? Scroll through the images below and get inspired! 


Going to Cali for me meant time to show off my best chokers and sunnies, so I HAD to show you guys the exact ones I wore all week. If you know me, I find it almost impossible to pack normally and according to a certain limit, because-naturally- I want to pack everything. But for this trip that was "not allowed," as my family said, who by the way has to put up with my complaining and stress while packing. So I did just what I was told. I brought exactly what I knew I was going to wear - no options. Yeah it was hard for me, but from that process I learned what my GO TO items were throughout the trip. Check out my Cali wardrobe at this link below:


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1. Black Choker - Goes with absolutely anything. Even exercise clothing for a hike...which I did by the way. 

2. Calvin Klein Bra- SO comfortable and SO stylish

3. Aldo GialaNELLa sunglasses (spotted - my name)

4. Henri Bendel No. & Drawstring in Pink- Clearly (as you can see on my instagram) I wore it basically every day. Who wouldn't though?!

5. Adidas Superstars- Stylish shoes for walking around LA

6. Light Gray Choker- When paired with other silver jewelry, it makes the perfect CALI look 

7. Nude Lip Color- Who doesn't love a good nude lip?

8. High Waisted Vintage Mom Jeans- HAVE TO BE VINTAGE AND THRIFTED, or else you're doin it wrong ;) 

9. Black Platform Sandals- Perfect for day activities and for a night out. 

10. The Ultimate Plain Black Baseball Cap- All the detail you need for a sunny day in LA

11. Black Nike Airs- Stylish and athletic at the same time!

12. Denim skirt- Can never go wrong with denim...

13. Cropped White Tank - A summer wardrobe necessity