This summer I have the unbelievable opportunity to intern at the one and only brand, Henri Bendel. I have, and will continue to be doing social media, as a part of the PR team in marketing. So far, I have had absolutely breath taking experiences that have taught me the details of what it's really like to be working on the back side of the fashion industry. I have learned to value process over product, when it comes to selling and buying objects. However, most of all, I have learned about the importance of technology and social media as it weaves into the fashion industry. Technology practically powers all processes to create a fashion product, and social media is what really makes a brand successful. Considering the heavy involvement of social media in today's economic society, whether or not a brand is on social media, driving followers to buy products really impacts the overall success and profit of the brand. I have also had the chance to utilize the methods and knowledge I am gaining from my time working at the home office of Henri Bendel in order to truly develop my own fashion blog, or "brand."

Before this internship opportunity, I had always thought I was meant to be on the design and creative side of fashion, yet now, working on the complete opposite side, I have learned that I could also belong on the technical, business side of fashion. I am utterly intrigued by the amount of work that goes into each and every social media post, or business collaboration, because it truly involves more effort than I had ever imagined. Yes, the creative design side of the fashion world is one that I find appealing and overall compelling, I now know that the business side is one that I find equally appealing and compelling.

My goal for this internship was to explore the side of fashion that I have never seen before, and truly find my connection to a brand, not just because of my love for the products, but because of my admiration for the hard work that buttresses each and every movement of the brand.

This internship is a once in a life time opportunity, and I am confident to say that it has probably been the best, most thrilling experience of my life. I have met the most intelligent, passionate people that have really impacted my view on not just fashion but also myself in a huge way. If it were not for this special internship, I would not be where I am today; wanting to branch out and explore areas of my favorite industry that I never thought were truly that interesting. I truly feel changed. This is why I am going to continue to work at the home office of Henri Bendel in New York for the rest of the summer as a social media and PR intern. There is nothing else I would rather do as an incoming college freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I feel so fortunate and honored to have the opportunity to experience something so special.